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Tribal Ministries

A tribal, spiritual FBO (faith based organization) that seeks to spread aboriginal, indigenous and metaphysical doctrine and practices by reuniting us with our higher selves and returning our attention to nature and the elements through energy work, shamanistic and metaphysical practices.

Brother Yosef

has been studying metaphysics and spiritual evolution for 15 years. Through his journey he has united with his higher self and this experience has changed his life forever. His goal it to teach others to do the same.

Our desire is to provide you with the correct tools for the Evolution of your Soul.

The Book Of Bro Yosef Vol I

Volume 1 of The Book of Bro Yosef seeks to share personal spiritual experiences traveling through different realms, conversations with Gods themselves and helping people in lower realms! To add even more, there are recommendations and spells to help you achieve similar experiences in your spiritual walk.

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The Adventures of Nubia

Nubia finds her Magical Name

by Tali Awi and Newadi Awi

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